Community Foundation Awards Grants

The Stanley Area Community Foundation awarded grants to seven different organizations on Wednesday, Nov. 5.  Over $28,000 in grants was awarded to projects that will serve the community and the area as a whole.

The Mountrail Community Food Pantry received a $2500 grant to be used for special needs. The Domestic Violence Program NWND received $2400, which will be used for gift cards for victims needing the program’s services.

Flickertail Village received $2000, which will be used for renovations of the church building at the village. Mountrail County Medical Center received $5000 to be used for ultrasound equipment. The second year of a grant commitment to the Mountrail County Health Foundation was made in the amount of $5,000. The Sibyl Center received $800 to help fund its many programs.

The Blue Jay Boosters received $10,778 to go towards the cost of a new sound system in the high school gym. The Stanley Area Community Foundation was created in 2008 by a group of concerned citizens who wanted to create a permanent financial resource to support local nonprofit projects. The purpose of the SACF is to maintain a permanent source of funding for projects in the community of Stanley and the immediate surrounding area. Gifts from many individuals are pooled together and invested in a permanent fund. Each year, the local advisory committee uses income from the foundation to make grants. As the foundation continues to grow, the amount they are able to give also increases. Three years ago, grants totaled $4,676. Two years ago the total was $7,514 and last year that total was $13,800. The local advisory committee consists of Doug Kinnoin, Jenny Gaaskjolen, Wayne Johnson, Danny Lindberg, Don Longmuir, Grace Lystad and Ray Schepp.

Each year, SACF has seen charitable giving grow as they work towards their next goal of $1 million dollars. Contributions in 2013 to the Foundation were about $320,000 bringing the total at the end of the year to just over $700,000. In the past, the ND Community Foundation, which helps to oversee and administer the local programs like Stanley’s, has matched the first $10,000 each year and then given an additional $5,000 for the next $25,000 raised locally. That funding has since been exhausted but they hope to gain additional support in the next legislative session.

As the end of the year approaches, many people are looking for charitable giving options and the Foundation board believes this is one way to donate locally and support the community. Grants awarded in the past have included Flickertail Village, the Women of Today, the Stanley Park Board, the Stanley High School Vo-Ag program, the Ina Mae Rude Aquatic Center and the Stanley Fire Department.

With changes to North Dakota tax laws, charitable giving has never been more attractive to North Dakota residents. Both qualifying businesses and individuals can now claim up to 40% of their gift as tax credits on their North Dakota income tax. Those credits can also be carried forward for more than one year. With the reduction in the North Dakota tax and the credit that may also be applied to federal taxes, the gift is one that allows taxpayers to choose charitable organizations to receive tax dollars. The gift then also helps to support their communities in unique ways like the Stanley Area Community Foundation. When considering charitable giving, businesses and individuals should consult their tax professionals to make sure they are doing what is best and right for their own individual circumstances.

Those wishing to donate to the Stanley Area Community Foundation can send their tax-deductible gift to: Stanley Area Community Foundation, PO Box 154, Stanley, ND 58784. For more information on the foundation you can contact Grace Lystad at (701) 628-3253 or Kara Geiger at (701) 390-3975.

Pictured above in the back row, left to right, are Grace Lystad and Jenny Gaaskjolen, SACF board members; Shelly Aadnes and Don Hoirup, Sibyl Center; Michael Hall, MCMC; and Kevin Dvorak, ND Community Foundation President.

Front row, left to right, are Steph Everett, Health Foundation; Darla Juma, Domestic Violence, NWND; Heath Hetzel and Jackie Rudolph, Blue Jay Boosters; Chancey Henin, Flickertail Village; and Bryan Quigley, Mountrail Community Food Pantry.