New Provider Starts At MCMC

27 Jan 2022 Events, News

Another provider has joined the staff at the Mountrail County Medical Center this month in the clinic. Brittany Haugtvedt, FNP started on Monday, Jan. 17. She will be seeing patients Tuesday through Friday at the clinic.

Growing up in Beach, ND, she received her undergraduate degree at the University of Mary and her graduate degree at UND. She worked for five years at the Minot Health Clinic and was a nurse there as well.

She says that she chose to become an FNP because she wanted something better for her family. When she was accepted into the program, she found that it was a way for her to offer a different approach to finding the cause of diseases in her patients and assist them to improve their lives.

She will be working in the clinic seeing family practice patients. She says that her favorite thing is to help patients find the root cause for their illness or disease and help focus on wellness.

She says that her focus will primarily be patients twelve and older, although she looks forward to helping all patients.

She will be bringing different testings and treatments to the table with her practice. That includes advance hormone testing, food sensitivity testing, and gene sight testing which helps find what medicines work best when treating patients with conditions like anxiety and depression. MTHFR testing looks for gene mutations in patients that lead to conditions. She will also be offering advanced stool testing, thyroid management, and male and female bioidentical hormone replacement management as well as 3×4 genetic testing.

In the future, she also hopes to bring PRP, or plasma rich protein, treatments to the practice. PRP is a process of drawing blood from a patient and then spinning it down to pull off the plasma. This has benefits for patients in joint injections to help with cellular regeneration. It is also used for “vampire facials”, a process using micro needling and plasma regeneration. She says that PRP is also beneficial in sports injuries instead of steroids. It helps create regeneration in the body, often allowing it to heal internally and prolong the need for surgery.

She says that she looks forward to offering modern or functional medicine that focusses on the use of supplements, rather than just medication to help patients promote their health and wellness.

In the future, she also hopes to offer sclerotherapy for spider vein treatment for patients. This process helps decrease the appearance or erase those spider veins.

About her move to MCMC, Haugtvedt says that the facility has welcomed her with open arms. The change, she says, will allow her to better her family life by providing her with more family time. While she was not expecting to make the change, she says it all came together and presented her with an opportunity she  was interested in. She wanted more time at home, and even with the time spent on the road, it will even out and be a much better fit for her family.

She also says that she looks forward to meeting new patients and helping them find their inner wellness. She loves what she does. That includes helping patients find the complex answers to change their lives as they deal with illness. Getting to the root problem is important to a positive outcome.

Haugtvedt lives in Burlington with her husband, Chad, who works for BNSF. They have three children ages eleven, ten and nine. Her hobbies include spending time with her family and anything outdoors including hunting, camping and fishing. She enjoys cooking and also repurposing items. She used to have a business called Sweet Repeats that was based on repurposing  items, but now she says she does it just for fun.

“We are excited to have Brittany join our family at MCHC. We originally interviewed Brittany for the ER position we had available. We enjoyed her energy and willingness to learn more for that position. So we had to figure out a way to bring her to MCMC! We love the new services she can offer for our clinic,” said Steph Everett, Administrator/CEO/Foundation Director/PR and Marketing Director Mountrail Bethel Home/Mountrail County Medical Center/Mountrail County Health Foundation.