MCMC Hires New Foundation Director and Capital Campaign Coordinator


It is an exciting time at Mountrail County Health Center with one construction project underway and a second proposed. The current project will provide some much needed renovations and updates in the hospital/emergency room wing and will also provide space for the hospital’s CT Scanner. The second project would expand the clinic space that would allow the medical staff providers to better meet patient needs.

With both of these projects underway, two new faces are on staff at the health center. Steph Everett has been hired as the Foundation Director, replacing the retiring Linda Halvorson. John Posusta is the new capital campaign director to help with the fundraising efforts to make these two projects possible.

Steph Everett started in her position as the Health Foundation Director on October 7. Although Linda Halvorson is retiring, she is helping to make the transition and will continue to be a valuable resource for Everett as she settles into the job.

Everett is making a return home with this position. She is the daughter of George and Susan Olson of Blaisdell and a 1990 Stanley High School graduate. After graduating, she attended UND and earned her degree in public relations. She and her husband, Jim, who is also a Stanley area native then moved to Minnesota. They relocated to Texas and lived there for the last fourteen years. Steph and Jim owned a chiropractic clinic in Texas, which Steph says will help her understand the clinic and hospital settings as well as the marketing necessary. She handled much of the insurance and billing needs for the clinic and handled the public relations.

Steph and Jim moved back to North Dakota in June and are living in Minot. Jim is back working in the oil industry. The opportunities possible in North Dakota now have brought them back, but Steph says another reason was the quality of life options they wanted to be able to offer to their children. They have three children, ages 12, 10 and 3 months. She says that even with the growth in the area, North Dakota is still home and you always want to bring your children back and raise them the way you were raised.

As Foundation Director, her most immediate work is helping with the capital campaign that will raise funds for the much needed improvement projects for the hospital and clinic. After that, it will be getting back to the day to day operations of the Mountrail County Health Foundation. Her goal is to help bring the Foundation back to the public eye and keep it on people’s minds as they look at ways to contribute to the future of the community. She also hopes to bring back those projects that the Foundation had sponsored in the past, including the summer golf tournament and fall FunRaiser events as the Foundation gives back to the community that supports it.

Her job description will also include grant writing and the other typical foundation activities that serve as the fundraising arm for the hospital, clinic and Bethel Home.

With a small child, Steph says the part-time position as Foundation Director was a perfect fit for her. She says she looks forward to the challenges and from the first interview knew this was something she would like to do. She also says that having that longstanding connection with the community and the surrounding area will work well as her roots make her familiar with the community and the needs. While she will be living in Minot and working in Stanley, she says that with the technology now she is always available and can telecommute when necessary.

As Everett starts her position, the first push will be organizing the capital campaign and getting the groundwork in place to start those efforts. Helping in that capacity will be John Posusta, the new Campaign Director, who started work on Monday, Oct. 14. He comes to Stanley from Woodland Park, Co. and works for Solutions 4 Fundraising, the consulting firm hired by the Foundation to manage the campaign. He will be on site full-time for the next twelve to fourteen months although he will get chances to go home during that time. He has found a place to live in Stanley and intends to stay here through the duration of the campaign.

Posusta says fundraising takes many forms and he’s the one that will be managing the day to day aspects. That includes the steps on how to proceed and recruiting the people to help meet those needs including campaign chairs and leadership. He says his job will be to assist those leaders. It can be uncomfortable sometimes asking for money. Those leaders will help open the doors and he will make the best case possible to raise the funds that are needed.

The capital campaign will be a five year plan, but these can be complex plans. Taking on a major fundraising effort like the one needed to fund these projects at MCMC take strategic planning and someone with the experience to take the pressure off those other committee members who often hold other full time jobs.

Right now, Posusta says he is working with everyone fine tuning what the expansion will look like. The first part is underway and the second project is being defined. His goal is to make sure the public understands why these projects are being undertaken and present the facts. It is about public relations and marketing so that people understand that the expansions will enhance the offerings of the facility and improve patient services. His job is to make sure that it makes sense to the people they are asking for financial support.

Both Everett and Posusta encourage the public to watch for more information on the campaign as it comes on line. They hope to start talking to the leadership teams and the public soon. There will be some big changes to meet what the community needs. These are needs that must be met as they strive to improve patient care and convenience with both the expansion projects.


Courtesy of Mountrail County Promoter

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