MCHC Celebrates Opening Of New Addition

Officially cutting the ribbon to celebrate the opening of the new addition are Dr. Mark Longmuir, MCMC Board President George Olson, Tom Warsocki of Trinity and Vice President of the Mountrail County Medical Center Board, MCMC Administrator Doris Brown, Health Foundation Director Steph Everett and Mountrail County Health Foundation President Wade Enget.

A ribbon cutting ceremony at the Mountrail County Health Center in Stanley on Sunday, May 18, 2014 celebrated the completion of a first phase of construction that will greatly improve the patient care at the facility. Mountrail County Health Foundation President Wade Enget welcomed everyone to celebrate this change that will be a welcome addition to healthcare in the city of Stanley.

Dr. Mark Longmuir talked about the new addition that includes the heated ambulance bay, something he says that will protect patients in the event of any type of weather as well as protect patient privacy, both an important part of patient care. The new emergency room provides three properly functioning beds. He says that the need to expand and improve the emergency room was already there before the boom, but that pushed them to look at what should be done and how best to make the emergency room more functional.

The project also created a space for the facility’s CT scanner. Longmuir says this is an important part of patient care as well. It gives providers more tools for the diagnosis and treatment of patients and in a number of cases will allow the patient to have their treatment at home without the need for additional trips to other facilities.

The project created a new, secure nurse’s station inside the hospital area near the emergency room and has converted space at the front doors for an admitting station.

Longmuir says the addition is not just space in the facility, though. It is also about peace of mind, community involvement and shows that people are willing to help with what needs to be done. The new additions add on to the assurance that the community has health care they can count on. It shows there is faith in the community and its future. The additional space and equipment also helps providers with treatment of their patients as they strive to expand on services available for patient care.

PA-C Abby Effertz also stressed how important these improvements and additions are for the future of healthcare in the community. As she has studied and worked in other communities, she has seen small facilities that struggle to stay open. The investments made in Stanley show great things for the long-term future of the community as well as the providers.

MCMC Board President George Olson touched briefly on the future plans at MCMC and Mountrail Bethel Home. Future projects include much needed clinic space. Plans would increase exam rooms from the current number of 6 to 13. This would allow the facility to see more patients and also provide the space needed to recruit another provider. There are other improvements that would be part of this project at the clinic. Another phase of construction calls for expansion at the nursing home that would enlarge the dining room and kitchen areas as well as creating a larger chapel area for residents.

Enget said that the challenge ahead of us now is where to go from here. Bob Harvey of Solutions for Fundraising is the new head of the capital campaign that is designed to raise funds for the construction projects. His job is to help tell the story of the needs so it makes sense. The facilities are busier than they were ten years ago and there are challenges that come with that and those challenges need to be shared in ways that are clearly understood.

The fundraising will continue for the next phases as they look to provide the best opportunities and facilities they can, seeing the needs and responding for a better Stanley for everyone. This ribbon cutting is only the beginning in a new chapter of healthcare.

None of this would have been possible without the support and hard work of many people over the past several years. The board of directors of the Bethel Home, Hospital, Stanley Community Hospital Association and the Mountrail County Health Foundation were all instrumental in the work that has gone on and in the planning for a needed expansion. Support has also come from the City of Stanley as the city council and the voters of the city approved the addition of a ½ cent sales tax that was approved for MCMC and has helped to meet the financial needs of the facility. Appreciation was also given to the architectural firm and building firms who looked at the needs of the facility and made sure those needs worked with plans and gained approval. It also goes back to the support of all of the staff and the hard work they give to make sure that healthcare is a priority in the community.

Enget says that they are grateful to everyone who made this project possible and that they will see their contributions working for the best of the community being able to receive that care at home, seeing providers patients know while moving forward to meet the needs of an ever growing community.

After the ribbon cutting, tours of the new areas were given. The new emergency room was expected to go into service on Monday, May 19.