NDCF Awards $150,283 In Grants

7 Nov 2017 News

The North Dakota Community Foundation has awarded $150,283 in grants from its Statewide Greatest Needs (Unrestricted) Fund to 36 organizations across the state working to improve the quality of life for state residents.

Kevin J. Dvorak, President and CEO of the North Dakota Community Foundation will be delivering the grant checks in the next few weeks. NDCF Development Directors Amy Warnke-Stromsodt of Grand Forks, Kara Geiger of Bismarck, and John Heinen of Dickinson will also participate in the presentation, as well as various NDCF board members from across the state.

The NDCF Board of Directors reviewed and discussed 171 grant applications at their meeting in September to make the determination of awards.

On Wednesday, Oct. 18, they were delivering grant awards in North Central North Dakota. That included a $5,000 grant to Mountrail Bethel Home for the roam alert system.

The Mountrail Bethel Home is updating its Secure Care Roam Alert system with the help of grant money, such as from NDCF, and money given from the Mountrail County Health Foundation. The roam alert system helps us keep track of our residents and will notify the nursing staff if one has roamed outside of a designated area. The Secure Care Roam Alert System provides essential protection to each resident in the home and provides the safest environment possible for the elderly who can no longer care for themselves. This system allows the family assurance that a loved one is being taken care of and watched over very carefully and their protection is ensured.

Grants were awarded in Killdeer, Williston, Grenora, Flasher, Raleigh, Elgin, New England, Beach, Golden Valley, Hebron, Garrison, Minot, Bowbells, Tolley, Hurdsfield, Harvey, Glenfield, Geulph, Gackle, and Napoleon last week. This week, grants will be delivered in Forman, Lisbon, Enderlin, Finley, Pekin, Drayton, Pembina, Cavalier, Gardar and Larimore.

Established in 1976, the NDCF is a public, non-profit tax-exempt corporation which receives and distributes charitable funds to support a wide range of programs that benefit North Dakotans. It currently manages over $70 million in assets in over 600 component funds, including local community foundations, agency endowment funds, donor-advised funds, and scholarships. It has made over $65 million in grants since its inception with the mission of improving the lives of North Dakota citizens and their communities through charitable giving and promoting philanthropy.