Local Churches Are Huge Supporters of Phase Three, the Bethel Home Expansion

9 Apr 2015 News

Stanley, ND- With Phase One, the CT/ER Expansion having been completed a year ago and Phase Two, the T.H. Reiarson Rural Health Clinic open for patients, all energy is now being focused on Phase Three, the expansion of the Bethel Home. The approved expansion will include a Chapel/Multipurpose Room, a new and bigger kitchen, a remodel of the current dining rooms, relocation of shipping and receiving and a Transportation Center. The plans are at state and once approved, bids will be accepted and groundbreaking is still possible for late summer/early fall. Our sincere thank you to all who have donated and have brought us to this point.

“The price tag for Phase Three is estimated at 4.6 million dollars,” says Foundation Director, Steph Everett. “Last October the Mountrail County Health Foundation pledged to raise 1.6 million dollars for Phase Three. We currently have raised over a million dollars of this pledge. The fact we were able to raise this amount of money since October shows how supportive the community is of this last phase.”

Some of the biggest supporters and recent donors have been the eight local Lutheran churches, who are the owners of the Bethel Home. “But the wonderful thing we are seeing,” says Everett. “is that other churches, many families and businesses within our community and surrounding areas are stepping up and supporting Phase Three. This is so encouraging, as it shows the donors recognize the need for this renovation. Just as the community saw the need for the Bethel Home in 1960, today they see the need for making it an even better place to live.”

The mission of the Bethel Home is to “create an environment, which seeks to satisfy the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each resident and their family.” The Bethel Home has been “home” to generations of our families and many of us have been personally touched by it over the years. In fact this year will mark the 55th Anniversary of the Bethel Home. How fitting to be able to break ground on such a wonderful expansion during a milestone year.

If you have any questions regarding the construction phases and donations towards these phases, please call Foundation Director, Steph Everett at 701-628-1405 or donate online at www.mountrailcountyhealthfoundation.org.

–Courtesy of Mountrail County Promoter